Frequently Asked Questions

What are the masks made of?

The masks are made of natural rubber latex imported from Malaysia.

Where are the masks made?

They are made in Newcastle NSW Australia

How long do the masks last?

The masks are very durable and can last a lifetime if stored out of the sunlight in a dry place

How do you clean and maintain the masks?

Wipe with a moist cloth (dipped in soapy water), or simply soak in soapy watering rub. The paint will never come off. Allow to dry and sprinkle the inside with a little powder. Store these masks in the dark.

How are the masks made?

I make a clay sculpture and cast a plaster, negative mould, then I dig the clay out and pour liquid latex into the mould. After the latex has cured, I peel it from the mould, paint the mask and trim it with scissors.

What age group does Small Size fit?

Small "children" masks can fit from age 3 upwards to a small adult face size. The masks are extremely flexible and will fit a small face without stretching and if required will stretch comfortably to fit bigger faces up to a small adult face size.

That age group does the Large Size fit?

Generally Large Size masks are made to fit standard adult size faces and stretch to accommodate larger faces or people with large hair styles.

Can the masks break if stretched too much?

The rubber we use is completely elastic, having 100% stretch memory. Masks can withstand stretch required to fit different face sizes. However we advise not to overstretch the masks to fit objects for which they are not designed.

That happens if I purchase a mask and it doesn't fit properly?

If the mask doesn't fit properly please contact us and we can help with fitting the mask and if necessary.... change it.

Can I talk and sing with the mask on?

Many of the masks have the mouth area free and therefore are very comfortable to talk, sing, eat with ,etc.

Can I wear glasses with the mask?

Some of the masks are designed for glasses wearers eg. Chick and the Rat which leave the eyes free. With other masks, glasses can be worn underneath the mask or over the mask. In fact glasses sometimes enhance how the mask looks.

Are the masks hot to wear?

Generally the masks are very comfortable and because they don't cover the entire face they are much cooler than traditional masks.

Do you make masks on request?

Yes, I love to design new masks, but they will be more expensive than the standard range. Please email me to discuss pricing and I can provide you with a no obligation quote.